Trial by Fire


An interdisciplinary conference on the transformative power of fire.


Fire always leaves its mark and a wealth of information behind. Our aim is to bring together the wealth of methodological approaches to investigation of fire from experimental archaeology, archaeomaterials, archaeobotany, anthracology, pyrotechnology, and taphonomic investigations including burned bone, combustion features, or accidental burning.


Abstracts are welcome on a range of topics and case studies, including:


  • Can fire be considered an artefact?

  • How can fire be used as an experimental tool moving forward?

  • How have people engaged with fire over the course of prehistory and history?

  • What can the analysis of heated and burnt materials tell us about burning events?

We would like to encourage participation either as a speaker, poster presenter or attendee by students (undergraduate and postgraduate), in addition to early career and established researchers. To this end, we are working hard to ensure registration will be available for the conference free of charge.  

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